Thursday, April 2, 2009

Dwell | Google SketchUp 'Design Your Dwelling 2008' Submission

apr '09

My submission for the Dwell | Google challenge to design a dwelling at Crissy Field in San Francisco.

SketchUp Watercolour Style Render

Native SketchUp Render

Uluxe House
Uluxe-house flaunts utilitarianism and luxury: a dualism which has always made me feel at home. Behind angled corrugated metal-clad privacy walls lies (2459.5 sq. ft.) in a simple layout of space. Attendant features augment the site and connect dramatically with the views. Behind a diaphragm of glazing and perforated metal the staircase leads outside to a rooftop shelter with a cozy linear fireplace and access to a glass-bottom bridge. Referencing the Golden Gate, this folly engages the dweller with views in all directions. The kitchen, a single bank of cabinetry, extends through the curtain wall for inside/outside entertainment. A large expanse of white wall above the countertop is used for TV, computing and screening movies. Sustainable, self-reliant, classic modern in every way. Solar panels power the radiant heated concrete floors and heat the pool. Next to the vegetable garden, three water tanks, decidedly strategic to the simple rectangular forms which traverse the sloping site, provide a valuable resource. Broad expanses of glass blur all boundaries between man and macrocosm. The western sun is mediated with a remote-controlled shade sail structure. Most daring perhaps--a lap pool hugs the house and a second fire element is sited at it's far end. Novelty aside, privacy and simplicity are calculated to maximize the lifestyle quotient and the notion of home goes full tilt in this life-lab where family and friends can think, dream and materialize together.

More images can be seen here at flickr.

You can download the SketchUp model here at the Google 3d Warehouse.

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  1. love your render. how did you do the water colour style?

  2. Thank you cynthia! The water colour is a third-party SketchUp 'Style' I downloaded from somewhere on the web. Shoot me an email if you want me to send it to you.

  3. nice and cool.
    Can i have your sketch up style please
    you can send me :
    thank you very much sir.