Friday, March 20, 2009

ORDOS 100: What is it?

Ai Wei Wei studio aka FAKE design in Bejing has developed a master plan for 100 parcels of land and will curate a project to Develop 100 villas in Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China for his Client, Jiang Yuan Water Engineering Ltd. Herzog and de Meuron (2001 Pritzker Prize Laureates) selected the 100 participating architects from 27 countries around the globe. The first phase of the 2 phase project kicks off the development of 28 parcels of land and the remaining 72 will be developed in phase 2. The assignment: Each architect will design a 1000 square meter Villa.

ORDOS 100, an edgier version of visionary Coco Brown's Houses at Sagaponac tantalizes and delights. We have so many note-worthy small architecture firms here in the USA that should be put to task on developments similar to these. If they can do it in Inner Mongolia, it can be done here. Kudos to Ai Wei Wei!

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